Tabacka is an exceptional creative space. Its structure and interior are special for the art, culture, and creative industries due to the use of the former factory space, which maintains its raw industrial design . The principle of multifunctionality is applied in all public areas so that they are able to adapt to the various users’ needs.

We hosted non-commercial events, corporate events of all kinds even weddings on our premises. In addition to renting the premises, it is also possible to rent the entire facilities of Tabacka, from gastro to recording studios. Do you have an idea that you would like to realize with us? Contact us via and we’ll find a way to collaborate.

A big hall

Our big hall is an extremely multifunctional space for the creation and presentation of contemporary art (theatre, dance, concerts, parties, presentations, lectures...)

Fabrik space

The history of today's Tabacka Kuturfabrik firstly began in Fabricafe. SinceTabacka Kuturfabrik was given a larger, reconstructed space, Fabricafe in its turn became a small scene.

Black box

Black Box is an experimental scene for the performing arts. 

Mid box

Mid Box is a multifunctional little studio.

Gallery Tabačka

The gallery is a classic exhibition space also called the White Box. The original architecture of the space is unique - windows, a support column in the middle, and a relatively small door.


The cinema is also located in a multifunctional space.


The creative incubator provides office or studio spaces of various dimensions, which are rented by residents of Tabacka.


Many of our visitors consider the bistro or bar to be the heart of our center. It is obvious to every regular visitor, that without its yard, Tabacka would not be what it is.



Just Hear Audio je profesionálne nahrávacie štúdio zamerané na nahrávanie, podcasty, hudobnú produkciu, postprodukciu a zvukový dizajn.

Lovely food

Lovely Food is a small company that produces delicious jams, syrups, preserves, ketchup, and other goodies with love. You can also find dried herbs, dried mushrooms, and herbal mixtures among their products. They ensure high-quality and honest production. They love nature and plain things.